Technology Development Zones (TDZs) Turkey

The support for the establishment of Technology Parks of Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology  which  is  an  on-going measure  that  act  upon  the  importance  of establishing strong          linkages  between the private  sector   and  the research community  came into force in 2001.

The Law on Technology Development Zones fosters the establishment of Technology Parks (Tech no parks) in higher education Institutes and/or research centers to enhance knowledge Circulation.

“The Law of Technology Development Zones” also promotes the use of high/advanced technologies and the development/production of technology or software in Technology Development Zones through cooperation between universities, research institutions, and production sector.

The main financial support mechanism for TDZs is provided by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. Financial support is granted for land procurement, infrastructure and construction of management building.

Foreign firms can also take part in TDZs and become shareholders of the managing company and can benefit from tax exemptions as domestic firms.

Tax Exemptions and Incentives provided with the law (till the end of 2023) are;

•             Grant support for construction of infrastructure and management and incubation building,

•         Income and corporate tax exemptions for the managing company,

•             Income and corporate tax exemptions for the incomes obtained from software development and R&D activities of the companies operating in these zones,

•             Income tax exemptions for the salaries of the researchers, software engineers, and R&D personnel working at the zone,

•         Value added tax (VAT) exemptions for the software development activities,

•             Half of the employer share of the Insurance Premium for the R&D&I and support personnel is covered by Ministry of Finance.

Main Application File

Every page of the Main Application File must be signed and laminated by the authorised personnel by the company. The Main Application File must be prepared as one original hard copy and 2CD’s containing the whole completed main application file as a scanned pdf document. The specified documents below are necessary for understanding the projects of the company as possible, additional documents on that manner could be useful.

Main Application File’s Content In Order:

At the top of the file there should be a company approved petition -printed on a headed notepaper- and the appeal fee receipt. The appeal fee which is 1000€ must be put into the bank acount whose info provided accordingly (Account Info: İş Bankası Şube Kodu: 1281 (İTÜ Ayazağa Kampüsü Şubesi) Hesap No: 18342 ). Index should come after the appeal fee receipt. Required documents are specified down below:

Section 1: Pre-Application Form

Ø           which you will provide from the online application system as a pdf document.

Section 2: General Introduction Of Company

Ø           Firm mission & vision

Ø           Company profile

Ø           Company Organization Chart, (If different) project-wide organizational schemas. (In this schema, located in that position for each position in the person’s name must be specified.)

Ø           Job Definitions

Ø           Administrative and R&D staff CV

Ø           Firm Partners CV

Ø           In the case of a legal entity from among the company’s partners, more information about this partner must be specified

Ø           ITU project conducted with members of the Faculty and/or received information on consulting services

Ø           For foreign workers, staff permits taken from the official organizational documents

Ø           Any additional documentation regarding the company (*) .

Section 3: The Firm Handle Docs (*)

Ø           Company Marketing Info

Ø           Promotional Cd

Ø           Collaboration Documents

Ø           Reference to Documents of other Institutions (finance, support, partnership, etc. applications, acceptance, evaluation reports)

Ø           Press News

Ø           Company Reference List

Section 4: Additional Docs (*)

Ø           Patent-Trademark Registration Certificates

Ø           ISO Quality Information

Ø           Service Sales Agreements

Ø           Product catalogs (*)

Section 5: Project Information

Ø           General Information About Projects (The initial reason for the project, the purpose of the project, the project’s detailed flow, detailed description of the project output, the project’s target audience, ways to reach the mass of customers, difference of the project output from similar products/projects, project output’s market potential)

Ø           Technical Info About Projects (Joint technical development methodology, infrastructure, security and encoding standards)

Ø           Project Plans (MS Project crafted job-time bars, work flow diagrams and project organizational chart)

Ø           Any additional documentation related to your projects (*)

Section 6: Official Documents

Ø           These documents unless otherwise stated should be put as original or notarized copy in the original Application File.

Ø           Certificate Of Activity

Ø           Company formation and Changes of commercial registry Gazette, Trade Registry Certification

Ø           Notarized Signature Circular

Ø           In the last 3 years, profit and loss Statements and balance sheets (by all means the original Irs-approved)

(*) Which is not necessary to be in the file.

Ø           In addition, 2CD’s containing the whole completed main application file as a scanned pdf document should be placed in the file.


Time / date of evaluation meeting is set by the Management Office. At the meeting candidate company makes a presentation of 10-15 minutes to give information about the company and the projects.  At the end of the meeting the company gets a score out of 100 points. This score is calculated according to academic staffs’ evaluations during the main application process and the scores given by the Evaluation Committee.

Application stage ends after the evaluation meeting. Currently, there is no available office space, however when our resident companies want to leave the zone there can be new places available.

Office areas and fees:

The office space requirement could be calculated to a minimum of 10 m2 per employee who are to work in İTÜ ARI Teknokent Technology Development Zone Office. Rentable office area is minimum 30 m2 and maximum 1.685 m2.


The main application fee is 1000 Euro.

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