Establishing a business in Slovakia

Slovakia is a member of European Union and due to its educated labour force, stable liberal market economy the country is offering reliable investment environment for the foreign entrepreneurs. The country is situated in Central Europe as a crossroad between East and Western Europe.

Limited Liability Company (S.R.O.) Slovakia

Limited liability company is the most common company type in Slovakia. The company can be set up by one person (individual or legal person). In order to open a limited company (S.R.O.) minimum share capital is capital 5.000 Euro. The liability of the shareholders is limited to their contrubition to share capital, foreigners can be shareholder and company director in limited company.

Joint Stock Company (A.S.) in Slovakia

Joint Stock Company (A.S.) in Slovakia can be incorporated by one shareholder (if the shareholder is a legal entity) or two individuals. The minimum share capital is 25.000 Euro and it is divided into a certain number of share. The company has bodies; general meeting, board of directors and supervisory board. Foreigners can set up and be shareholder in joint stock compaines.

Branch Office in Slovakia

Any foreign company can open branch office in Slovakia, the branch office is registered at Trade Registry and Tax Office.

Taxation in Slovakia

Corporate Income Tax in Slovakia

Corporate income tax rate is 21%.

Value added tax (VAT)

The standard VAT rate in Slovakia is 20% and the reduced VAT rate is 10%.

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