Establishing a business in Croatia

Czech Republic is a member of EU since 2004 and takes place in the middle of Europe as a bridge between big markets (West Europe) with Eastern Europe. By having a stable and promising economic situation Czech Republic is a attractive country for the foreigner investors.

Limited Liability Company (S.R.O.) in Czech Republic

SRO Limited Liability Company is the most common company type which is set up by the investors in Czech Republic. It can be established by one person (individual or legal person) with minium capital of 1 CZK for each shareholder. The shareholders’ responsibility is limited by their contribution.

Joint Stock Company (A.S. – Akciová Společnost)

Joint Stock Company (A.S.) can be formed by one shareholder (individuai or legal entity) with the minimun capital of 2.000.000 CZK (around 70.000 Euro). The joint stock company has management and supervisory boards (also one-tier system is available)

Branch Office in Czech Republic

Foreign companies which want to enter Czech market can open branch and representavive offices in Czech Republic.

Taxation in Croatia

Corporate Income Tax in Czech Republic

Corporate tax rate is 19% (5% for some fund investments)

VAT rates in Czech Republic

General VAT rate is 21% and reduces rates are 15% and 10% in Czech Republic