Here’s everything you need to know about Open a Bank Account in Turkey.

What documents do I need to have a bank account in Turkey?

Each bank will have a slightly different process for account opening, but you can expect to be asked for the following:

For personal bank account;

  • Valid Passport
  • Republic of Turkey Tax Identification Number. You will get this from the Finance and Tax Office
  • Proof of address – usually a recent utility bill or rental contract
  • You will also need to complete a proof of signature form

For company bank account;

  • Activity Certificate
  • Articles of Association
  • Authorized Person Passport Translating
  • Power of Attorney (for authorized person and company)
  • Company financial statements

Luckily, the larger retail banks in Turkey have good websites with English translations. Check out your chosen bank’s site, so you’re confident of the documents you’ll need to take with you to the branch.

Can I open a bank account from abroad in Turkey ?

Your options for opening a bank account from abroad will depend on the type of account you want to open and whether or not you have a residence permit already for Turkey.

The major banks listed below have banking products for both local residents and international clients and can explain the options available to you and their processes. All have English speaking staff.

Can I open a bank account as a non-resident Turkey?

Opening a bank account as a non-resident will be more complicated, but it is possible.

The main issue is getting the Republic of Turkey Tax Identification Number, which is required by most banks to open an account. You can acquire this as a non-resident, but ask your bank’s advice on the best way to go about this. Your chosen bank may be able to help you make your application.

Opening a bank account is not complicated for companies. If you have foreign company in Turkey, you can have a bank account with you establishment documents and some informations.

Which bank should I choose?

As OZBEKCPA, we recommend banks that have overseas branches and have no problem with internet access systems.

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