Establishing a business in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the stable and strong economies in the world by offering developed and attractive investment environment for the entrepreneurs.

Swiss Limited Liability Company (GmbH)

Minimum one shareholder (indivudual or legal entity) is required to set up Limited Liability Company (GmbH) in Switzerland and the minimun share capital amount is 20.000 CHF, the foreign citizens can be shareholder in the company. At least one director must be a Swiss resident. The liability of the shareholders is limited to the amount of capital invested in the company

Swiss Joint Stock Company (AG)

In order for opening a Joint Stock Company (AG) in Switzerland minimum 100.000 CHF of share capital amount is required and one shareholder is needed in the company. Majority of the directors must be Swiss or EU citizen at board of directors, foreigners can be shareholder in the company The liability of the shareholders of a Swiss Joint Stock Company is limited up to the unpaid amount of the shares.

Sole Proprietorship in Switzerland

This type of company is set up by the sole owners of a business or other professionals who work on their name. They have unlimited liability for their companies’ obligations. If annual sales is over 100.000 CHF, they must be registered in Chamber of Commerce.

Taxation in Switzerland

Corporate Income Tax in Switzerland

The corporate income tax rates change accordind to cantons; the federal corporate tax at a flat rate of 8,5% on profit after tax. Each canton has its own tax law and regulations for taxes at different rates. So that corporate tax rate is between 11,5% and 24,2%, depending on the company’s location of corporate residence in Switzerland.

VAT Rates in Switzerland

Switzerland is the one of the countries with lower VAT rate in Europe with 8% (As of january-2018 the rate is 7,7%). Other tax rates are 3,8%, and 2,5%.