Establishing a business in Poland

Poland is the biggest county in Central Europe among EU members and also since low labor cost and investment intensives Poland attracts foreign entrepreneurs, the country is member of EU since 2004 and has stable economic growth.

Limited Liability Company (Sp. z o.o.) in Poland

The limited company in Poland can be set up one shareholer and director and in order to open a limited company in Poland minimun 5.000 PLN is required. Sp. z o.o. is the most preferred company tpype by the investors. Foreginers can open Limited Company in Poland.

Joint Stock Company (Spolka Akcyjna S.A.) in Poland

For opening a joint stock company (S.A.) minimum 100.000 PLN share capital is required. At least one shareholder and one director should take place in the company and foreigners can be shareholder. The joint stock company can be listed in Stock Exchange. The responsibility of company shareholders is limited by the contribution to the capital.

Branch and Representative Offices in Poland

Foreign companies which want to enter Czech market can open branch and representavive offices in Poland.

Taxation in Poland

Corporate Income Tax in Poland

Standard corporate tax rate is 19% and reduced rate is 15% (for some income level and business)

Value Added Tax – VAT


General VAT rate is 23% in Poland and reduced amounts are 8% and 5%.