Establishing a business in France

France is one the leading countries in European Union in terms of economy, politics and military; as France is one of the biggest economics in the world it offers great investment opportunities for the entrepreneurs.

Limited Liability Company Société à Responsabilité Limitée (S.A.R.L) in France

Limited liability company SARL is most common company type in France, minimum capital requirement for opening limited company is 1 Euro, at least two shareholders (real person or legal entity) are needed to open the company and one director is required.

Joint Stock Company SA – Société Anonye in France

Joint Stock Company SA in France is set up by at least 7 shareholders (individuals or legal entities) and minimum capial of 37.000 Euro is required for S.A – joint stock company. The company is run by board of directors, independent auditor and annual general meeting of shareholders iare required.

Simplified Joint Stock Company (Société par actions simplifiée – S.A.S.) in France

Simplified Joint Stock Company in France is set up one shareholder an done director is needed. Minimum capital requirement is 1 Euro for opening SAS company in France. Foreign companies that aim to create a joint venture with French companies prefer to set up SAS company. Shareholders are liable up to the limit of their capital contribution.

Taxation in France

Corporate Income Tax rate in France

Corporate Income Tax rate in France is 33,33% in France
The corporate income tax rate will be reduced from 33,33% to 28% by 2020.

VAT – Value Added Tax in France

Standard VAT rate is 20% in France and reduced rates are 10%, 5,5% and 2,1%