The following changes have entered into force on 01.01.2016.


Scales (TRY)

(Employment Income)Rate (%)

Up to 12,600                             15

12,601-30,000                           20

30,001-110,000                         27

110,001 and over                     35


Income Scales (TRY)

(Non-Employment Income)Rate (%)

Up to 12,600                         15

12,601-30,000                       20

30,001-69,000                       27

69,001 and over                   35



2.According to the new regulation, it is mandatory forequal too rexceeding 7000 TL to be made through   financial institutions or PTT.

3.It is mandatory to issue an invoice, instead of cash register receipts for sales exceeding 900 TL.

4.The limit on office equipments that can be booked directly as expense without amortization is 900 TL.

5.Minimum gross wage is 1647.00 TL for 2016.

     6.Minimum and maximum social security premiums are as fallows for 2016:


Minium Amount

Maximum Amount


54.90 TL

356.85 TL


1,647.00 TL

10,705.50 TL

7.Maximum yearly severance payment amount is 4.092,53

8:.Stamp duty

Maximum stamp tax amount is 1,797,117.30 TL for each agreement.


Stamp duties apply at the following rates: 0.948% on contracts(including a monetary amount), guarantee sand mortgages; 0.189% on rent contract sand 0.569% on bid decisions made by public authorities. Fees are due on court transactions, public notary documents, land registration and trade registration. Receipts for advance payments made by public organizations are subject to stamp tax at 0.948%. Stamp tax is also with held from salaries at 0.759% of the gross salary amount. Employment service agreements are exempt from stamp tax, as are the establishment of a company or investment fundand capital increases and agreements to be concluded for the purpose of tax-free mergers, take over sand demergers.